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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  July 10, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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ower lines down a few roofing shingles and then there is this. this that school. it has been literally torn apart. it looks like a bomb went off. using machines and people power, the school community cleaning up the mess. just under 24 hours ago an angry storm and tornado seen in this video slammed into the school. its flat roof ripped from its walls leaving classrooms opened to the sky. the school's principal was inside finishing last minute chores before a planned vacation. she says there was little warning a tornado was about to hit. >> i heard hard rain. i mean, it happens much we've had a very rainy summer and then i heard the wind and i thought oh wow. then when the building started -- the ceiling tile started flying at me is when i knew this was more than strong wind. >> reporter: principal wardecke escaped with just bumps and bruises prompting something in this school to talk an angel at work. >> her guardian angel he
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worked overtime in there. if you see the rubble you will know that he truly worked overtime for rachel. i thank god for that. >> reporter: staffers and volunteers collected books and other items that could be reused today. teacher linda johnson saved some curtains vowing to use them in the future. >> when we rebuild they will be in my new room. they will be proof that we have survived reporter: her husband an army vet who volunteers here part of a team that affixed the stars and stripes to the school's storm damaged flag pole. despite no one being hurt he says there has been shock and tears over what occurred. >> i just felt we needed something like a tissue to wipe the tears and i felt the american flag was that. >> reporter: back live right now. cleanup is winding down for the day. the folks are planning to return here tomorrow and again on sunday. as for classes, they are supposed to begin next month. the hope is they will be able to hold them at a sister school that literally is just around the corner. live in tilden township, john
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rawlins, channel6 "action news." monica. >> thank you, john. "action news" reporter annie mccormick live in new castle county where the national weather service did confirm that was also a tornado. annie. >> reporter: monica, that's right and that confirmation just came from the national weather service. they say that an em0 tornado did come through here in new castle delaware county. take a look behind me. residents say they believe it. you can see that car with all the shattered glass. that glass is shattered because the cinder blocks that were holding that mobile home actually flew out once that mobile home was knocked over by those winds. it then hit that car. well a number of the residents here said they had to stay with the red cross at a shelter. about a dozen of them are having issues getting into their homes. the storm was quick but powerful. this ominous site captured by a viewer looked like a funnel cloud heading down new castle avenue. center blocks and cement were no match for the powerful gusts that took out an entire wall of this building in this new castle industrial park. in hockessin a bolt of
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lightning struck the roof of this home. >> i certainly heard a bolt of lightning that was unequaled by any we've had in this neighborhood. >> reporter: new castle county emergency management officials toured areas hit by the storm including this mobile home park. >> it appears a very, very isolated event. kind of right within four, 500-yard radius. >> reporter: residents showed officials twisted metal and shattered windows as owners began to add up the costs. >> peeled this roof off like a soda can. some ended up on new castle avenue, some on the trailer. >> reporter: crews began working on downed trees and wires. early this morning officials worked to figure out the path and gather enough information to help the national weather service come to a conclusion. >> they wanted me to take some photographs to determine as best as we can whether this was a straight line wind event or tornadic cyclonic winds. >> reporter: and back out
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here live because of the hard work of the emergency management officials the national weather service again was able to can um to a conclusion that there was an ew0 tornado that did william through here in new castle county. you can see there in the mobile home there's an orange x on the mobile home. that means it's condemned. there are at least three of the homes here that people will not be able to get out into. delmarva power has been working hard all today and for now there are only about two dozen people that are still without power. for now reporting live in new castle county, delaware, annie mccormick channel6 "action news." >> thank you annie. now to cecily tynan. >> certainly it was a very powerful squall line that spawned two tornadoes within an hour of themselves. the first one -- i should say the second one though, in the minquedale delaware ef-0, that's the lowest on the enhanced scale. happened at 7:50 in the evening, maximum winds 65 miles per hour. it caused that damage that
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annie showed you. the path was pretty small 75 yards long and a half mile wide started on new castle avenue went through harbor view drive and dock view drive where we had a lot of reported tree damage and homes damaged. now about 50 minutes earlier in berks county really the northern end of that squall line that's where that ef1 tornado struck, maximum winds 105 miles per hour, this was a more powerful tornado caused all that damage to the school. the path 75 yards wide but it was longer. it stayed on the ground for three-quarters of a mile. the good news, that cold front that spawned the vicious weather last night, that has now moved off the coast right in time for the weekend. so, high pressure's right over us. that high pressure will really protect us from moisture that's trying to stream in from the southwest. it will really push down to the south. we'll just get a little bit of cloud cover early tomorrow morning, mainly south of philadelphia and that high pressure is bringing us a breath of fresh air.
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temps in the low to mid 80's right now but really the big change the humidity. the humidity has dropped substantially. all week long we had a dewpoint around 70 degrees. that's a tropical air mass. now dewpoints have dropped down into the 50's in philadelphia and areas to the north. i'll let you know how long this comfortable air mass sticks around coming up in the full accuweather forecast. monica. >> thank you cecily. of course the "action news" facebook page has more images and information about last night's storm damage and tornadoes. it has updates about the storm as it moved through and make sure you're getting important news updates in your facebook feed. you can go to news and check the like button. a federal jury convicted a family charged connection with the deadly delaware courthouse shooting. david matusiewicz his mother lenore and his sister amy gonzalez were all found guilty of cyber stalking resulting in the death of david's ex-wife christine belford. prosecutors say they harassed belford during a bitter custody battle. david's father thomas
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matusiewicz killed belford and her friend at the new castle county courthouse in 2013. then he killed himself. today's conviction was the first of its kind in the u.s. prosecutors say it should serve as a warning. >> if you're engaged in a custody dispute with your spouse, if you're engaged in any kind of domestic issue you cannot take to the internet. you cannot take to e-mail to push your case. you need to stay within the confines of the legal system. >> david lenore and amy all denied knowing of thomas matusiewicz's plan. defense attorneys do plan to appeal. sentencing is set for october. they could all face life in prison. teacher's fighting sexual assault charges after an alleged incident with a teen student of hers. 31-year-old katie across of phoenixville was arrested july 1st. police caught her having sex with a 17-year-old in a car on scenic drive in east bradford township much she's the boy's teacher at collegium charter
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school. the teen said they had been intimate since february. it is out with the old in with the new in lumberton new jersey. township officials held this ceremony to mark the start of the demolition of the former municipal complex. and that will pave the way for construction of a new state of the art public safety center. the new facility will house the lumberton fire department, bureau of fire protection. lumberton emergency squad and the office of emergency management. well, you know the u.s. women's national team was honored with this ticker tape parade in new york city today. the world cup champs were paraded down the canyon of heroes which is a first for a women's team. fans lined the route to cheer them on including delran native carli lloyd. "action news" reporter nora muchanic was in that crowd. [cheers and applause] >> i was screaming so loudly. i connecticut taken my excitement. >> reporter: serena of pennsville was among the thousands lining broadway for the ticker tape parade honoring the u.s. women's soccer team with ribbons and
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paper floating through the air, fans cheered as the world champions rode on floats through the canyon of heroes. >> the women's team just inspires me so much and i just love them. >> being here is just a dream come true and i'm so happy i could make it. >> reporter: and to see them in person. >> oh, my god. incredible. >> reporter: it was incredible too for the team. after receiving keys to the city from new york's mayor top tournament player and delran player carli lloyd was overwhelmed with gratitude. >> i'm a jersey girl, philly fan but new york city you guys are awesome. >> reporter:. >> the world cup was a dream come true but having this parade here in new york city was one of the best moments of my entire life. >> i believe that that is the reason why we won this world cup is because none of us ever stopped believing and neither should you guys. thank you guys, so much. >> reporter: crystal everett of hamilton brought her own homemade world cup to the festivities. >> this is actually the first new york ticker parade for women's athletics so this is a
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piece of history here. great to be here. >> reporter: four of the team members are from new jersey including veteran christie ramon from point pleasant. >> she was christie pierce back then. now she's christie rampone. >> reporter: today carli lloyd and the u.s.a. team joined the likes of charles lindbergh and nelson mandela and a few other select people who have had a ticker tape parade in their honor along the canyon of heroes. in lower manhattan i'm nora muchanic, channel6 "action news." >> incredible. >> coming up on "action news" tonight the naacp annual convention gets under way in philadelphia. we'll have a run down on what is planned in the next five days. also the anderson monarchs including mo'ne davis wrap up a three week history tore through the staff. ducis rodgers with sports when "action news" continues tonight.
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>> thousands of folks expected to attend this year's naacp convention in philadelphia. leaders say in the next five days they'll tackle social and economic issues. this year's theme pursuing liberty in the face of injustice. one of the topics set to be discussed will be 15 year long economic boycotts of south carolina. today teens from across the country who are competing in the naacp's youth achievement program watched as the confederate flag was taken down from the statehouse in columbia, south carolina. >> symbolizes that the world is taking a different turn and that it's not all about like hating one another but we all can come together as like a community. >> notable speakers scheduled to be at the convention include presidents barack
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obama, bill clinton and u.s. attorney general loretta lynch. the convention is expected to bring more than $10 million into the local economy. today a group of 13-year-olds from philadelphia back home after a three week trip through history. the teams play for the anderson monarchs. the kids including seven members of the taney dragons championship team loaded a bus in june and traveled to 20 cities including washington, d.c., atlanta and selma alabama. it was a chance for them to learn about the civil rights movement while they played baseball. the kids said it was a great experience and they learned a lot.
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>> time for sports with ducis. >> thousands of people showed their support in new york city. u.s. women's national cup team won the world cup in vancouver. they had a pep rally in l.a. and today they paraded through new york city. so it's from sea to shining sea. they go down the canyon of
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heroes. it's the first time a women's sports team has had a parade on this famed route. new york city mayor bill deblasio said "it's about time, isn't it." the parade concluded with a pep rally at city hall. >> the world cup was dream come true but having this parade here in new york city was one of the best moments of my entire life and we all feel the same. so thank you guys for all your support. we really appreciate it. >> i can't discount how important you guys were, the fans of bringing home this world cup for us. [cheers and applause] >> the phillies are out of the frying pan and into the fire. after being shut out for the second straight night by dodgers. phillies in san francisco to face jonathan baumgartner. last night the phils.
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zach didn't the need that much support. he tossed eight shut out inning. phillies only managed to get one hit. the eagles will open training camp in a little more than three weeks. hallelujah for that. hard for me to say i'm so excited. during his down time malcolm jenkins has been giving back to the community. today in north philadelphia his foundation provided food and essentials for families in need. as for the outlook for the eagles, jenkins is optimistic. >> we should be better and obviously this all depends on how we do as a tomorrow, how the offense is playing special teams and all of that but i really -- i'm encouraged. i know the team is encouraged about what we accomplished this off season and we look forward to putting together a great team. >> the cowboys have caught a huge break. greg hardy's 10 game suspension has been reduced to four games. an arbitrator made that
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ruling. the cowboys devotion sieve end was suspended for his role in a domestic violence case. hardy will still miss the eagles first meeting with the cowboys in week two. at wimbledon things have gone according to plan at least on the men's side. top seeds have advanced to the finals. novak djokovic shaving favoring gasquet. djokovic wins. five of his six matches have been straight set victories. roger federer facing andy murray. murray puts up a fight but every time he gets close federer fights back. this will be federer's tenth wimbledon final. federer and djokovic in the final on sunday. that will certainly be a good one. >> very exciting. thanks ducis. today former president jimmy carter was in philadelphia also exciting promoting his new book. carter signed copies of a fuel life reflects at 90 here at the free library in center city. in his new memoir carter
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reflects on his upbringing including his time as a peanut farmer and his term as president in the white house. the book looks at his humanitarian fork for which he received a nobel peace prize in 2002.
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>> hundreds of dancers from around country are in new jersey hoping to take home a big prize. the dance explosion national dance finals have been running at the wildwood convention center all week long. today marked the second to last day of competition. the finals wrap up tomorrow with group performances and if you want the head down and watch by the way admission is free. talk about that weekend how the weather is shaping up after a very busy day. >> what a difference a day makes. this time last night i was
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tracking a squall 39 brought two tornadoes, one in berks county, one in new castle county and now. >> beautiful. >> complete 180 with our whether it's so nice. storm tracker6 live double scan getting a much needed break from the storms. we are dry. we are clear. and live on sky6 center city this time last night we had the dark storm clouds and now you can see lots of sunshine, nothing more than a few fair weather cumulus clouds so really looking nice out there. currently in philadelphia 84 degrees. down from our high of 86 which is 1 degree below normal. allentown and trenton 82. wilmington 81. millville 83. and on the beaches temperatures about the same as inlands because you're getting that land breeze. not a sea breeze. 82 degrees. with that lands breeze also the ocean temperature has dropped a little bit down to 72 degrees. it felt great today with winds out of the northwest, the humidity, the dewpoint below 60 degrees in philadelphia. that's a very comfortable air mass and even though temperatures will be climbing, the dewpoints will remain low
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over week. looks like dewpoints will remain in the 50's but look at what happens early next week. 63 degrees on monday the dewpoint. that's more humid and tuesday we get back in that tropical oppressive humidity and we could also be dealing with another round of severe weather. so, enjoy the quiet weather while you can. satellite6 along with action radar showing high pressure right over us and what that will do is deflect any of these showers you see trying to move in from west virginia. they'll be pushed well down to the southly we'll be dealing with a little bit of cloud cover south of philadelphia early tomorrow morning. so the next 12 hours a great friday night comfortable some clouds streaming in south of philadelphia late tonight. 62 the low in the suburbs, 70 for center city with that low humidity and future tracker showing tomorrow morning 8 o'clock you can see the clouds south of philadelphia along the shore as well but as we head through the day the sunshine is back and we're looking at really a beautiful weekend. if you're heading to the poconos, plenty of sunshine tomorrow 80 degrees.
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sunday mostly sunny warming up to 83. down the shore again that ocean temperature 72 degrees. morning clouds, then afternoon sunshine tomorrow. the high 81 degrees and sunday is looking spectacular. mostly sunny with a high of 82. so, the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, beautiful weekend, 89 degrees tomorrow. plenty of sunshine. again, some clouds early in the morning but sunshine is back by that the afternoon. so, try to get outside and enjoy it. on sunday, it will heat up. an afternoon high up near 90 degrees but again dewpoints should still be below 60 degrees so it will be hot but it won't be humid but then our weather pattern begins to change early next week. we get the humidity back on monday. 88 degrees. we could see some pop-up thunderstorms on monday. looks like we could have another very active day on tuesday. oppressive humidity with dewpoints around 70. some showers and thunderstorms with the risk of some severe
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weather, 89 degrees. on wednesday we keep that humidity still a possibility of some thunderstorms with a high of 88 degrees and then behind a cold front we'll get back in a more comfortable air mass on thursday, partly sunny with a high of 87 degrees. and friday sun with a few clouds with a high of 88 degrees. we have been stuck in a very active weather pattern for the past three weeks. >> right. >> a lot of that has to do with el nino developing. we get a break over the weekend. finally store free -- storm free for three days. a possibility of more storms. if this is because of el nino this is a weather pattern we'll be stuck in for a good part of the summer. also stay tuned in the next few minutes i'll be doing a live remote with david muir talking about the national weather pattern for the weekend. >> cecily thank you. it is getting a bit more colorful along the ben franklin parkway in center city today. two artists started painting
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the sidewalk mural at eakins oval to mark the official opening of the summer program area. the 25,000 square foot mural will be called summer kaleidoscope an beer garden is being set up in that area which will feature gourmet food trucks and live music. the official ribbon cutting is next wednesday. and abc's world news tonight with david muir and cecily next here on channel six. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl17 with brian taff and ducis rodgers. for jim gardner cecily ducis the entire "action news" team, i'm monica malpass. have a great weekend. hope to see you soon at 11:00.
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tonight, judgment day for the doctor that pocketed more than $20 million. telling patients they had cancer when they did not. he gave intense chemotherapy for patients who didn't need it and then charged them. tonight, his sentence. face to face with the families, how he now explains himself. also breaking, the fbi's stunning admission tonight after that horror at a bible study. could those lives have been saved? just as the confederate flag comes down. the home explosion and backdraft. the firefighters and the efforts to save a mother and baby. the famous actress who stops in the middle of her performance because of what someone did in the audience. she took action. hugh jackman has taken a stand before. and, it hasn't happened since 1960. inside the canyon of heroes, for the women of team usa.


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